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[2017-08-01] What is junction temperature?

Junction temperature is the temperature at the point where an individual diode connects to its base. Maintaining a low junction temperature increases output and slows LED lumen depreciation. Maintaining a low junction temperature is critical for evaluating an ...

[2017-08-01] Why is the life span of an LED measured as lumen depreciation?

The life span of an LED is vastly longer than that of incandescent, fluorescent or HID lamp sources, generally lasting 50,000 hours or longer. Although the LED never really burns out, product life span is measured by lumen depreciation.The Illuminating Enginee...

[2017-08-01] How long is 50,000 hours?

There are 8,760 hours in a year, so heres what 50,000 hours works out to be, depending on lamp hours of operation.Hours of Operation:24 hours a day 5.7 years18 hours per day 7.6 years12 hours per day 11.4 years8 hours per day 17.1 years

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